[ Digital Illustration / Pencil & Ink ]

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A man wearing 5 watches says a line from Ruler of Everything. A large silhouetted white figure points at him and laughs. A man fights an identical but injured man for a bloody knife. The uninjured man's nose is bleeding. The image is mostly purple and green on a light yellow background. Fake comic cover. Villain York offers superhero Robin a rose. His eyes are hearts. Other heroes & villains watch disapprovingly. A blurred person in a balaclava holds a burning match. Behind them is the burned remains of a building. Chickens mill around. An alien woman with blue skin and a blaster puts her boot on a man's neck. His eyes are spirals and he has a lopsided grin. A man on train tracks at night looks up as a constellation of a man reaches down towards him. Far away, a train approaches. John Linnell plays keyboard, leaning over to focus on the keys. The image is in bright yellow lines on an orange background. John Flansburgh leans over to play guitar. In the foreground, a person with a large mohawk takes a photo of him. The image is in black and pink on blue. Neil Cicierega sits on the beach playing a green accordion and singing about mermaids. It is a beautiful day. A young boy wipes his brow after finishing making a sand castle. He is imagining he is an astronaut doing this on Mars. John Linnell and John Flansburgh lie in a field of white flowers. JL holds one. JF points up. Clouds reflect in his glasses. Dave Grohl looks upwards in fear as a UFO abducts him. It is night, and many other UFOs are visible in the background. The man on the cover of Flood and the woman from Nanobots pose with the girl from John Henry, as if they are her parents. A man with a ponytail and beard looks over his newspaper as a thin man covered in bandaids shouts about the snake that bit him. A portrait of John Boyega as Finn. He looks left out of frame. 3 X-wings fly to the left behind him. Flansburgh & Linnell of TMBG do karate poses and finger guns. Text says Still plotting world domination at the age of 58. Hellboy, a red demon in a brown trench coat, looks sullenly at a skull he is holding. A ghostly flame surrounds the skull.

Pencil & Ink

A man stands on a distorted basketball field at night, looking up. Floating above, a man is falling from his bed. Danny Elfman, who has bright orange hair and wears an undershirt and suspenders. He grins darkly. Colorful lines surround him. A moon and a swirly, starry nebula rise above the surface of an alien planet. Plant or rock growths rise from the surface. A woman with hair obscuring her face and a long gown sits in front of a large black lion. It seems to be protecting her. Martin Molin sits on top of a MMX programming plate. Star cutouts hang above him, and one hangs off his finger. A man sitting at an organ looks away from the camera up a set of crooked stairs. At the top is a chair in silhouette. A monster like a centaur whose lower body resembles a molar. It has no facial features but a toothy maw and long stringy hair. A woman and man sit in a room full of candles. He is mid-transformation into monstrous form. She touches his face in concern. Dave Grohl looks upwards in fear as a UFO abducts him. It is night, and many other UFOs are visible in the background. A dark woods full of old, gnarled trees and mushrooms. In the foreground is a dirt path.

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