Pay-What-You-Want 1/4 Sheet

An ink drawing that can fit on a 1/4 size (4" x 5.5") piece of cardstock. Mostly black and white, might have a bit of color. I will scan this in but I can also mail this to you if you'd like at no extra charge!

Send your request through either email or DM or directly with your Ko-fi payment. Keep in mind that Ko-fi takes payments in increments of $3.

Above are some previous examples of 1/4 sheet art I've done. These are just photos; yours will be scanned in.
I can also do cover art for a half-sheet size card, as seen in the last two examples.

Something bigger?

I don't currently have "commission slots" because I'm a busy tech student with an unpredictable schedule, but if you want something fancier like the art in my portfolio, I'm willing to talk! Prices for something bigger/digital/full color start around $25+. Just email me at 0bluefoot (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll let you know if I can work something out.