Self-published projects I've made or contributed to.


1-Page Minizines

Click any one to get the printable sheet. To fold into 1/8 zine size, follow these instructions or this video.

Minizine cover of Negative Space. Cover illustration: a shovel stuck into a floating chunk of dirt and grass. Minizine cover of Wow! Captialism taught this neural network to walk! Cover illustration: a monopoly man walking dazedly like a loose marionette. Minizine cover of What is a Robot? Cover illustration: a cartoon swuare robot face looking puzzled. Minizine cover of Kudzu. Cover illustration: tangled vines growing up from the bottom. Minizine cover of 1 bad pen and paper and copier. Cover illustration: A pen and a printer. Minizine cover of Simply Ballroom: A quick guide to styles and divisions. Cover illustration: a man and a woman dancing.