For those without the hand-eye coordination for video games!

Here are some fun personal favorites of reasonable beginner length and difficulty.

Limerick Heist by Pace Smith

A lovely, hilarious Twine escapade that begs to be read aloud. The dead ends are like secret prizes that don't waste time, rolling you back into the story without the trip of a tongue.

"Rule 1 is that no one gets iced.
Rule 2: the loot's evenly sliced.
There's only two rules.
Now listen up, fools!
We're pulling a..."

Ryan Veeder's Fly Fishing

A beautiful environmental parser game, sort of the Joe Pera Talks With You of interactive fiction. It's kind and directionless, like taking a walk with a friend.

"This piece of land is given over to native prairie, which consists of many different types of grass. The sun makes everything glow, and the gentle breeze makes all the grass sway cheerfully."

Dinner Bell by Jenni Polodna

TMBG-inspired parser puzzle game. A bit dark, incredibly funny, with puzzle solutions that require you to get into the absurdist spirit of the thing (but don't seem like unfair solutions).

"You can tell it's the usual test chamber by the anatomically correct ichthyosaur you managed to carve into the linoleum before they got the knife away from you. You miss that knife."

The Lurkening by Ryan Veeder

Uniquely structured parser puzzle. You have 9 moves to defeat the eldritch horror threatening Fantasy MIT. You won't succeed the first time. Grab a pen and paper!

"You hear something huge rousing itself from cosmic sleep. The thing groans, and the entire campus shakes. Ynf-Okh-Omm has awoken. Shortly it will consume G.U.E. Tech—and then the universe."

16 Ways To Kill A Vampire at McDonalds by Abigail Corfman

Twine puzzle game, exactly what it says on the tin. Really well-structured, well-written, and the protag's wry voice makes it all the more fun.

"Seriously, I can't show neck in a bar without someone tall, dark and anemic sidling up to me and staring at my breasts to keep himself from ogling my jugular.
Which is good. For us. Sort of."

The Statue Got Me High by Ryan Veeder

TMBG-inspired parser story game. As much a Don Giovanni tribute as it is TMBG, this was the game that first got me into IF! Some very evocative imagery and despicable characters throughout.

"'Yeah! I invited the statue to dinner! And he showed up!' John raises his hands in the air and smirks triumphantly. He is not nearly as bothered by this situation as he should be."

I recently submitted a game to Ectocomp 2019, so keep an ear out for how that turns out. It was fun to write!