The Googly Gallery

Robotics majors all seem to be victims of the compulsion to put googly eyes on anything that isn't wise enough to run away. Here's a collection of photos mostly taken in the halls and robotics labs of WPI and MIT.

Googly eyes in the double O's of a sign that says Floor One. Googly eyes on a restroom sign. A single googly eye on a women's restroom sign. The generic female figure looks like a cyclops. Googly eyes on a switch plate. Googly eyes on a barcode scanner, like the scanner is the mouth. Oversized googly eyes on an aquatic robot. The front hatch is off like a gaping mouth. Eyes taped on above a facemask icon on an informational sign. Googly eyes on a slightly humanoid robot with a 3d printed eyeball and jaw structure. Foil-wrapped chocolate eyes on a red wheeled robot with devil-like horns. Enormous googly eyes on a smoke hood. Googly eyes on a wheeled robot with a grabber, decorated to look like Big Bird with craft feathers. Googly eyes on a wheeled robot with a grabber, decorated to look like cookie monster with craft feathers. Googly eye on the end of a motor. Googly eyes on the middle axle of a two-wheeled combat robot. Googly eyes on an Emergency button, making the button look like a tongue sticking out. Googly eyes on a cord jack in the wall, the cord going into the mouth. This one looks sad. Googly eyes on a paper towel dispenser. The paper towel comes out like a tongue. Googly eyes on a toolkit. The lid is slightly open like a puppet mouth. Googly eyes on a piece of wood with a slot cut in it. Googly eyes on a door above the handle. The handle looks like a mouth or nose. Googly eye on the side of a press-fit machine. Two googly eyes on the front of the same device. Someone has drawn a moustache on, too. Googly eyes with angry brows on a handheld air cannon. Googly eyes on a brick. Googly eyes on a roomba. A natural line on the roomba looks like a large, sad frown. Googly eyes on a cone covered with tape on a wheeled robot. It looks shocked and derpy. Googly eyes on a tape measure. The tape looks like buck teeth. Googly eyes on a 3-D printed plastic part. A small slot looks like a mouth and a bolt looks like a nose. Googly eyes on a pencil sharpener. The hole for the pencil looks like the nose and the shavings drawer like a bottom jaw. Toilet paper set on top of a toilet to make the lid look like a mouth. An empty roll is tucked into the mouth like a cigar. Googly eye on a disabled sign, giving the stick figure in the wheelchair a surprised look. Googly eyes stuck to a wall below a fake moustache.