Obvious repeats (such as Caramel Corn/Caramel Popcorn) have been omitted.

Our discerning taste-testers:

Amy Penguin, who joined Webkinz in 2010 and whose favorite Webkinz is the penguin,

and Owen B, who joined Webkinz in 2008 and whose favorite Webkinz was his Pink Google named Abe Salantro.

Miscellaneous Foods

Picks for BEST:

Penguin Cocoa

A: I need it, look at that lil' pal on top. if you got me this drink I'd be over the moon.
O: The penguin on top looks a little too shiny to be a novelty marshmallow, so maybe it's a chocolate? I second this choice.

Funhouse Cupcake

A: this is one of those cupcakes you'd get at lunch in school when someone in your class brought it in for their birthday. those suckers might not be the best cake out there, but boy are they good!
O: My brain insists that frosting is radioactive. I might stay away from this one.

Professional Slice of Pizza

A: you can't mess with a good pizza.

Homemade Apple Cider

A: hot apple cider is so good.
O: The cinnamon sticks do it for me. You can use em as really awful straws and then knaw on them afterwards until your tastebuds are blown out on cinnamon. Good times.

Colorful Cotton Candy

A: I just like cotton candy. it's sweet and melty 10/10.
O: Maple cotton candy has ruined all other cotton candy for me. :/

Golden Chocolate Coins

A: Im nostalgic for any chocolate coins from my mom getting me the barbie ones at the craft store check out when I was a toddler. good times...
O: Why did the webkinz return the chocolate coins he stole? Because he felt gelt-y! Thanks folks. I'll be here all night.

Berry Butterflies

A: I can tell these are those gummy butterflies you can only find at gift shops for some reason.

Moon Magic Punch

O: I chose this solely because it looks like it can and will give me magical powers.
A: Id try it (and probably like it) if its non carbonated, but otherwise ill pass.

Baked Pear with Vanilla Sauce

O: Oooough. Sounds delicious, and it's plated fancy-restaurant style.
A: I'm not big on baked fruit, but id not turn it down if offered a bite from a friends plate tbh.

Celestial S'more

O: My argument for this is the same as for Moon Magic Punch. If it can summon the aurora borealis directly over it, it had better be darn good.
A: not big on marshmellows, but might be worth it if I become haunted.






Picked for WORST:

Fizzy Soda

A: I cant drink soda without experiencing physical pain, so i'm out
O: I just stir the carbonation out of soda first. Doesn't look terrible.

Banana Slushie

O: Slush-like and too-sweet? You mean like a normal overripe banana? You want it even MORE like that? Huh?
A: if this is like, slushed up banna popsicles i’m down, but if not im scared.

Bowl of Goo-Goo Berries

O: If Bittersweet berries had a baby with a blue Scooby Snack, you would get this Frankensteinien "fruit". These inspire fear.

Caramel Corn

A: It's just nasty.

Superkidz Popcorn

A: It's just caramel corn but worse.
O: I saw something that looked like this in a grocery store recently. It was called, honest to god, Unicorn Toots.

Farm Fresh Pumpkin

A: you expect me to eat a whole raw pumpkin. nope.
O: Ugh I didn't even think of that. Just take a bite out of the side of a pumpkin coward Do it

Bottle of Maple Syrup

A: have you ever drank straight maple syrup. I have not but my sister once put a dollar down on a chick chugging a small bottle at a cracker barrel, and the poor gal nearly puked. i’m not putting myself through that.
O: Actually, I HAVE. I used to drink the awful little syrup containers they had with school lunches. I'm old enough that my body can't metabolize pure corn syrup anymore, but if it's real maple? I'd be tempted.

Almond Marzipan Chocolates

A: I just don’t like almonds with chocolate. goes well with vanilla but not with chocolate.
O: I'm allergic to nuts, so I think I'm just legally not allowed to have an opinon on these.

Black Licorice Bats

A: It's black licorice. nuff’ said.

Apple Pie Porridge

A: I don't want to think about the texture on this one :I
O:The name sounds good. The illustration? Yeah, probably not./p>