Social Media Move Mark 2

When I graduated high school, I soft-reset my internet presence everywhere.

Essentially, I picked a new username and began new accounts, deleting my old ones as I left. I kept a lot of the same friends and followers in private (and IRL connections, of course). I am actually really glad I did that. I reccommend this to anyone graduating high school. Sometime very soon you are going to realize you don't want a direct public line between your teenager self and your adult self.

Shortly, I am going to graduate college. (If all goes well.) I'm wondering: should I do this again? The urge is there, though less intense now than it was in 2018. I did have a new username waiting in the wings, but I don't know if I like it anymore. This transition has a lot more unknowns involved.

So, here I am, working out what I want for my digital future. It's a bit like writing a will. Except hopefully I'll be alive by the end of this.

Why haven't I deleted/remade [account] already ?

What's the plan for [account] ?