In an attempt to stop telling everyone I know about this project, I chronicle it here.

I've already done some bootlegs of the first four lemon demon albums, which was fun. Still, I just found a site called Kunaki that purports to be able to print very cheap CDs at a better quality than I can get on my home inkjet. Of course, it can't do tray cards or multipage booklets, so there's still plenty of fun for me to do by hand.

UPDATE: booklets have been printed, stapled, and cut! Only half the disc/case art has been formatted though, so I'll wait to order them until they're all formatted.

Here's the five albums I'm looking to make and the progress I have on each:

By Rob Cantor. Fair game for bootlegging because it never got a physical release of any sort! Excited by the possibility of bonus tracks and a "contains 0% trampoline" hype sticker, or something of the sort.
Conveniently, I was able to find the font used from the lyrics booklet PDF. It's come in handy and has allowed for some minor text-editing shenanigans.

To format:

At this point, it's mocked up and ready to be sent to the printers once I get the other ones in order! Only printing the hype sticker will be left once it arrives.

By Miracle Musical.

To format:

By OK Glass. Fair game for bootlegging because it never got a physical release, and also the moment he found out I wanted to do a bootleg he sent me all the associated files plus extra font info. That was a great start! (And then he read this page and ALSO sent me the tray art. I am truly spoiled.)

To format:

I've decided to forego disc art on this one, for, reasons. I'll just burn this disc at home. I hope I have some shiny blank CDs spare instead of the white write-on ones.

By Tally Hall. My goal for this project is more of a Frankenstien than a bootleg proper. I'd already gotten my hands on (largely through the generosity of strangers and fellow fans!) some assorted orignal-pressing materials:

All I need to put this one together is the following:

This one will be a confusing little hybrid. Can't wait.

By They Might Be Giants. Fair game for bootlegging because it never got a physical release—in fact, when it came out in 1999, it made history by being the first digital-only album sold online!

This already comes with a pre-formatted booklet and such, so it shouldn't be too much of a drag to work out. The disc art promises to be the most challenging part, it seems. Actually, the back card is kind of extremely ugly, and I might redesign it just because I can.