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be born.

ima keep it real with u 57th prime minister of japan shinzo rob-e, this will not improve japan's declining birth rate

Tweet from Rob Cantor composed entirely of baby sounds. Hashtagged with babythoughts.
A still from the internet porn skit from T.H.I.S. Rob is in a wig, as the mom.
"mom, I've been doing internet porn"
Lyrics from Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden (Not A Trampoline)
Cartoon characters from the kids' show TOTS
"Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo become the first non-stork employees for T.O.T.S (Tiny Ones Transport Service) who deliver babies."
here are some other things about rob: a large baby, rob broke his mom's coccyx during labor.
"On the 2006 website, Rob's bio read thusly:"
Two tweets with nearly the same joke about being a rapping gynecologist called Cervix a lot
rapping gynecologist (x2)
Lyrics from Be Born
Be Born (Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum)
Rob Cantor onstage, holding a pregnancy test
"we picked up a pregnancy test at the dollar store" (SXSW 2011)