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a note on the views of the author of this page.

I made this page because I love the art this band has made and it's given me some very good times. But not everyone has the luxury of being able to separate the art from their personal experiences with the artist.

In recent years, Joe Hawley has been publically transphobic and reportedly verbally & sexually abusive to teenage fans in private. Despite popular claims those things were "debunked", I've been increasingly convinced that they are both true and still happening. The most serious accusations have been corroborated by some long-time followers of the band and acquaintances who I feel I can trust. All of this is complicated (but not excused) by Joe's severe mental illness.

I find myself disappointed by how the other members have avoided any public acknowledgement of this, while victims are being disbelieved and ostracized. I believe that the unwillingess to discuss this puts even more fans at risk of ending up in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. And if something like this has happened to you—know that I believe you.