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i drew a mural of....

You don't actually need any fancy drawing skills to make the Tally Hall men recognizable. They've made sure of it. They are helpfully tagged, labeled, color-coded for your convencience. (Unless you're colorblind, in which case I'm so sorry.) But I happen to like the art of caricature, so I like going that extra mile. Here's some stuff I've noticed.

Don't take any of this too seriously; there's no "one right way" to draw someone unless you're going for photorealism (which I am not). Most of this is based off the T.H.I.S./Marvin's era appearances since that's easiest to find references for.

rob / andrew / zubin / joe / ross / bora

Note: these are static thoughts from a snippet in time while my art style evolves freely; these will become rapidly outdated with every drawing I do.







Maybe I'll come back and finish Bora's (and perhaps do one for Casey, too). But don't get your hopes up.

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