Self-published projects I've made or contributed to.

Zines / Minizines / Comics / Previous Work


Pen & Ink Picnic comic zine: 28 pages, B&W. (Preview/Buy it)

TMBG band intro minizine: 6 pages, B&W. (Preview/Print it)

Lemon Demon band intro minizine: 6 pages, B&W. (Preview/Print it)

Tally Hall band intro minizine: 6 pages, B&W. (Preview/Print it)

T.H.I.S. "dream journal" minizine: 5 pages of art, limited color or B&W. (Preview/Print it)


Click any one to get the printable sheet. To fold into 1/8 zine size, follow these instructions or this video.

COMICS (2018-now)

Knox Makes an Earthling Friend: 2-page comic. Character Knox belonging to Eddie, greyscale. (Read it)

Evil Plan C: 5-page comic about nemeses in love. Part of the X and Y continuity, B&W. (Read it)

TAZ Moonlighting Chap. 2: 8-page Adventure Zone commission for Amber M, B&W. (Read it)

Defender Zim: 4-page Invader Zim fancomic, B&W. (Read it)

12n-cr: Webcomic about muppets at tech school (on hold). (Read it)


NKOTR Halloween fancomic (2017): 5 pages, B&W. Done in lieu of Inktober. (Read it)

The Destruction of Pompeii (2016): 3 pages, limited color. Drawn for Latin class. (Read it)

Bill Cipher and Doc Scratch Won't Starve (2014): 10 pages, unfinished, pencil. Cowritten by Grace "ShadowOctopus". (Read it)