This is where all the coolest stuff on my site is collected, in my opinion.

Band crash course minizines.

Print out little info booklets, fully illustrated by me, explaining the works of They Might Be Giants and Lemon Demon to the uninitiated.

The Mojo Chessmaster & Gallery

Check out some fan projects/facts/pictures based of the strange and iconic Mojo Chessmaster guitar of TMBG's John Flansburgh.

50 State Nightmares in Salem

10/18 - See where many of the shots in Neil Cicierega's "The Fifty State Nightmares" were filmed.

90s/00s TMBG Fansite Directory

A list of good, though abandoned (and sometimes truly strange) TMBG fansites that are either still live or still well-preserved via Wayback Machine. See also my tumblr.

Lemon Demon song sorter

Use this tool to put songs/albums head-to-head to get a ranking of your favorite Lemon Demon songs.