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John Linnell fights with a man in a hospital bed over an electric knife. The image is purple, green, and yellow. A blue alien woman with a raygun steps on John Flansburgh's neck. In the background there is a far-off space city and a comet. A young man with colorful pants sits in a chair. Many hands bother him. A sign reading HORRIBLE points at him. The background is yellow. Loose redrawing of a concert photo of Linnell playing keyboard. The image is lit red. Redrawing of a concert photo of Flansburgh playing guitar as a man in a mohawk photographs him. The image is lit blue. Linnell and Flansburgh sit and talk to Kermit the Frog. John Linnell looks up from a keyboard. At the top of the stairs is a wooden chair. The drawing is sepia tones. A man stands on a railroad track at night, looking up. A constellation reaches down to him. A train's headlights approach. The man from the Flood cover, the woman from the Nanobots, and the girl from John Henry pose as if for a family photo. John and John lie down in a field of flowers. The 2018 Johns strike an action pose. Caption: Still plotting world domination at the age of 58. The Johns are statues, smashed open to show internal organs. Their pedestals are on fire.

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You can commission a 4" x 5.5" sketch card like these by sending me any amount on Ko-fi.

Request for Mike Buffington ft. the proto-Chessmaster Absolutely Bill's Mood. For <a href=>They Pay Tribute Vol 2</a>. Cover art for <a href=>They Pay Tribute Vol 2</a>. My Man I'll Sink Manhattan Erase Kiss Me Son of God Join Us They'll Need a Crane We are NOT a comedy band! proclaim John and John Why Does The Sun Shine? J Otto Seinbold DAS logo Birdhouse in your Soul dance instructions American Gothic Hotel Detective Apollo 18 promo Zombie Johns 2140 tour Braving the FLOODwaters Comic with apologies to Hark! A Vagrant 1986 John Linnell (ft party hat) 1986 John Flansburgh (ft candle) the Avatars of They are REAL boys now... The Avatars of They have a disagreement. 58th birthday card for my dad Interior of 58th birthday card Mind control according to <a href='xandy.html'>X and Y</a>. First concept drawing of <a href='xandy.html'>John and John Rule the World</a>. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dan Miller on the Istanbul intro! South Carolina <a href=''>Photo</a> redraw Why does the sun REALLY shine? Marty Beller on the Drums Gigantic photoshoot redraw Flansburgh as John Wayne Gacy for Watchface By The Time You Get This Note Mrs. Bluebeard McCafferty's Bib I Like Fun cover experimentation Dr. Sy Fly My very first drawing of John and John

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I also sometimes use Photoshop for non-joke purposes—check out the photo colorizations under the Graphics section.

A Guy-Fieri style flame pattern is photoshopped onto John F's black shirt. John F raises his guitar as flames rise behind him. John F holding his cat edited to look like the cover of Spirit Phone. The cover of Sparks: Angst In My Pants with John F as the groom, John L as the bride. The cover of Sparks: Angst In My Pants with John L as the groom, John F as the bride. The cover of Sparks: Propaganda with the Johns edited in. The text reads TMBG Flood. The cover of Sparks: Propaganda with the Johns edited in. The text reads TMBG Flood and the water is green. A young John F with his hair edited an inch further down to cover his eyes. Margarine tin with the Johns edited on. Caption: May Or May Not Contain Giants. Ernie plays piano and Bert holds a copy of the album Lincoln.

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