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  • Not dead. Just started a fulltime job and have been busy thinking about comics.
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Accordions Are Awesome

Some cool links and info on accordions, my favorite instrument.
Pictured is Monica, my own accordion!

Zim's Biology of DOOM

An unnecesarily in-depth speculation about the xenobiology of Irkens and their PAKs. And a conspiracy theory about the race's real origins. Am.... am I turning into Dib?

The visceral humor of the Jhonenverse actually gives us a pretty good idea of what's inside an Irken. They definitely have a brain and a nervous system, and likely a heart, but are mostly digestive system ("squeedlyspooch"). This seems a little pointless, as all Irkens ever eat is junk food, the PAK converting this to useful energy anyways. Zim tends to scream "AAAUGH MY SQUEEDLYSPOOCH" when something whacks him anywhere, but that proves nothing- give any friend a good kick in their internal organs and they'll probably yell "OW, WHY, MY STOMACH" whether or not that was the specific organ injured.
An organ Irkens DON'T have are lungs. Without the human weaknesses of wet, soft eyeballs or easily-ruptured interal air sacs, the Irken race takes a rather cavalier attitude towards the vacuum of space. Smaller spacecraft can open the windshield during flight while the pilot is inside, but larger Irken vessels have airlocks. The Tallest sometimes throw bad Irkens out the airlock, so they definitely do need to breathe eventually, but their PAK seems to give them a lot of leeway (breathing room, one might say).

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Last Night I Dreamed zine cover. Five sets of cartoon eyes peer out, drawn in yellow, red, blue, green, and black.
T.H.I.S. "dream journal" minizine: 5 pages of art, limited color or B&W.
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They Might Be Giants minizine cover. A little black bird perched on William Allen White's head says the band name. Subtitle: Who are they? Are they really giants? The answers await you.
TMBG band intro minizine: 6 pages, B&W.
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