In which I talk about something which I like.

Quotes and passages from books that I've enjoyed.
A review of the songs written by Andrew Horowtiz, green tie of the band Tally Hall.
Some web and print comics which I recommend.
Some artists whose work has inspired me over the years, or whose work I just find to be neat.
A gallery illustrating the googly eye epidemic in our country's engineering schools.
Paul isn't dead, but John Flansburgh is NOT nearsighted (anymore). Here's my personal They Might Be Giants conspiracy theory.
A collection of wonky rock, electronica and other stuff I listen to. Check it out, you might discover something you like.
Some of my favorite IF/text adventure games by my favorite authors. I only got into IF this last summer 2019, so my tastes are beginner-friendly, trust me. Try playing one or two!
Some cool links and info on accordions, my favorite instrument.
Pictured is Monica, my own accordion!
An unnecesarily in-depth speculation about the xenobiology of Irkens and their PAKs. And a conspiracy theory about the race's real origins. Am.... am I turning into Dib?
See where many of the shots in Neil Cicierega's "The Fifty State Nightmares" were filmed.