In which I talk about something which I like.

Words Words Words

Quotes and passages from books that I've enjoyed.

let us sing.

A review of the songs written by Andrew Horowtiz, green tie of the band Tally Hall.

Favorite Artists

Some artists whose work has inspired me over the years, or whose work I just find to be neat.

The Googly Gallery

A gallery illustrating the googly eye epidemic in our country's engineering schools.

Flansik Theory

Paul isn't dead, but John Flansburgh is NOT nearsighted (anymore). Here's my personal They Might Be Giants conspiracy theory.

Favorite albums

A collection of wonky rock, electronica and other stuff I listen to. Check it out, you might discover something you like.

Interactive Fiction Reccomendations

Some of my favorite IF/text adventure games by my favorite authors. I only got into IF this last summer 2019, so my tastes are beginner-friendly, trust me. Try playing one or two!

Accordions Are Awesome

Some cool links and info on accordions, my favorite instrument.
Pictured is Monica, my own accordion!

Zim's Biology of DOOM

An unnecesarily in-depth speculation about the xenobiology of Irkens and their PAKs. And a conspiracy theory about the race's real origins. Am.... am I turning into Dib?

50 State Nightmares in Salem

See where many of the shots in Neil Cicierega's "The Fifty State Nightmares" were filmed.