Writing & Miscellany

Lists & Collections

A gallery illustrating the googly eye epidemic in our country's engineering schools.
Words Words Words
Quotes and passages from books that I've enjoyed.
The 50 State Nightmares (in Salem)
See where many of the shots in Neil Cicierega's "The Fifty State Nightmares" were filmed.
Favorite Artists
Artists whose style I'm particularly in love with.
Interactive Fiction reccommendations
Beginner-friendly text adventures you may enjoy.

Fan Rambles

let us sing
A review of (almost) every song by Andrew Horowitz.
Plastic Man reading order
The best of my favorite superhero's solo stuff since 1941.
how serious is Not A Trampoline?
A song-by-song walkthrough of Rob Cantor's solo album.
Zim's biology of DOOM
Fun with overthinking Irken xenobiology.
Flansik Theory
John Flansburgh now wears glasses for cosmetic reasons, and I'm not crazy.
Johnsona Ratings
An overview of the many depictions of TMBG.


Aurora Borealis
An alternate-reality-TV Christmas special hits a snag. Written for an unpublished IABC zine.
Icemen, Abridged
A rock band meets the end of the world. Written for the 2019 Bogleech Creepypasta Cookoff.
The disposal of a talkative corpse. Inspired by 1940's radio show Quiet Please.
My Ao3 account
Mostly forgotten Star Trek TOS and Spider-Man comics stuff.