Writing, uncategorizable experiments, and other exploits.

Icemen, Abridged

A story about two guys, a band, and the apocalypse. Written for the 2019 Bogleech Creepypasta Cookoff, it placed in the category for best fantastical writing.

Update: my pal Eddie wrote a fascinating alternate take on this apocalypse, entitled "Metamorphosis". (Warning: less swearing but more bloodsplatter.)

Supercomputer Daydreams

Some forays into making music. Mostly covers, a bit of originals.

Aster Network's Scary Stories: Victim

A short Halloweeny story about disposing of a talkative corpse, written by me and narrated & produced by Aster Podcasting Network. Inspired by the classic 40's radio show Quiet Please.

I Left My Body video contest entry

A video created in a weekend to be entered into the 2018 TMBG video contest. Password: dialasong2018